Yadkin water for Yadkin needs.

 Union County, NC

Alternative 6

Alternative 6: Expansion of the Catawba River Water Supply Project (CRWSP) (modification to existing grandfathered IBT amount for a larger IBT from the Catawba RIver Basin to the ROck RIver Sub-Basin of the Yadkin River Basin).

Alternative 6:
Catawba River to Union County (via existing Catawba River Water Supply Project)

Water Supply

Alternative 6 represents an IBT from one major river basin to another (as opposed to a sub-basin IBT as is the case for the Preferred Alternative).


Alternative 6 is more costly than Preferred Alternative/cost prohibitive.

Lake Impacts



Alternative 6 has more significant environmental consequences for other interests in the Catawba River Basin.


Alternative 6 would likley not be acceptable from a politcal/community perspective.