Yadkin water for Yadkin needs.

 Union County, NC

Alternative 11

Alternative 11: Evaluation of water returns (wastewater) from the Rocky River Sub-Basin back to the Yadkin River Sub-Basin.

Alternative 11:
Direct Potable Reuse

Water Supply

Alternative 11 is similar to the Preferred Alterantive, with wastewater returns to Lake Tillery.


Alternative 11 is cost prohibitive from a capital perspective; would have long-term cost and environmental imapcts from continuous pumping of wastewater effluent.

Lake Impacts

Treated effluent would return to Lake Tillery.


Alternative 11 has greater environmnetal consequences associated with wastewater return transmission mains and treated effluent discharge to Lake Tillery.


Due to cost, Alternative 11 is likely not accepted by the community.